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CPR Saving lives is offering Basic Life Support to companies that have employees who need to be trained in better precaution and reaction to possible life and death situations in case of emergencies. First Aid CPR Training is a training that many companies with employees need to have for protection and prevention. We are offering First Aid, CPR, and AED training. We also offer Pediatric Training for companies who work with children, such as schools or preschools. We will be glad to serve many varied types of businesses, including educational institutions, private companies, or community centers. We offer training in English and Spanish to better serve you.

About Us

Gloria Vindel-Calix

Gloria Vindel Calix

I was living in California for many years and working as a Secretary/Accountant. Then the moment came to move to Minnesota with my dear daughter, Perlita. Moving to Minnesota created a financial crisis because of the country’s economic position and it was difficult to find jobs. I could not find a job as an Accountant/Bookkeeper and this was the field I had experience in. I decided to get into the Medical field as I was serving as a volunteer with the American Cancer Society. I also had experience giving health presentations to the community about cancer so they motivated me to get into the Medical field.


I went to Inver Hills Community College in Inver Grove Heights MN and I took CNA classes where I graduated from the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. After working in that field for a couple of years, I realized that I enjoyed working and helping people with medical needs, which I am so happy to do.


I did not stop there, I went back to college, this time to Minneapolis Community College and I took the certification of TMAA Trained Medication Administration Assistant. This allowed me to better serve those where I was working, because the training gave me knowledge about how medication worked and how to recognize symptoms or allergies from medications in patients. Motivated by the training, TMAA and the knowledge about my CNA experience helped me to continue my education.


I was studying at Inver Hills Community College when I was taking other classes that gave me the opportunity to see the value of CPR Classes. I asked Chris Hanson director of Continuing Education what requirements it took to become a CPR Instructor. As I learned how to administer CPR I began to prepare myself for that class with one thing in mind, how I could serve the Spanish community in their own Language which is my language as well. Now we are offering training in both English and Spanish to better serve you.

I believe English is a beautiful Language, but there are great instructors serving in the language already, and I wanted to dedicate myself to serving the Spanish Community. So that is my objective and now I am fortunate enough to be involved in work that fulfills my heart.


I also got involved in the school of Nutrition where I graduated as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant (HNC). I thought that I was finished with my goals. But after doing some coaching with some clients about nutrition, as a Certified Nutrition Consultant, I saw the need that those who love Holistic healing and I become involved with natural medicine. I decided to go back to school and study to become a Naturopathic doctor. I believe that this is where God has led me. Now my desire is to provide as much information to those in need as I possibly can.

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Daniel Schroeder

Daniel Schroeder

Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel Schroeder. Born and raised in Inver Grove MN. Father of two adult children, Colleen and Aaron, and one grandchild, Caleb. A widower since my wife passed away.


I have a wide range of business experience. From owning my own carpet installation business to having two-floor covering sales outlets, and owning and operating a motel to having a retail outlet store. I was also a regional sales manager for a major distributor for cabinet hardware and counter tops in the upper Midwest. I was able to build this territory into a four-million-dollar-a-year business.


Now, I am proud to say that I am a partner in CPR saving lives. I do feel this is the most important opportunity of my career. With just an eight hours course to be able to possibly save a life, what could be more important than that?


I am looking forward to serving you,


Daniel Schroeder


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